The Importance Of Spinal Heath

Most people do not know that the spine is one of the most important parts of the body. This core part of our skeleton is something we often take for granted. However, the spine provides several different functions for our bodies. The spine is what holds the body upright and evenly distributes the weight to other structures such as the pelvis and legs. Muscles and organs are also connected to the spine and work together.

Your spine is not only there to support your body but it is also essential for locomotion. Your spine gives your body stability while also allowing flexibility in order for your body to perform certain actions such as tossing a ball or hopping on one leg. It also provides shock absorption while you jog or walk thanks to the natural spinal curve and intervertebral discs that create a spring system for your body. Your spine is what allows your body to stay balanced. Any slight issue with the spine could cause a multitude of problems for your body since it provides such eclectic support. 

As we age our bodies start to decline naturally. The intervertebral discs in our spine will begin to lose their elasticity, We also begin to lose the natural curve of our spine due to improper posture. This will cause pain and discomfort. It will also make doing everyday tasks such as bending to pick items up, twisting your body and even moving your neck difficult. Improper lifting, repetitive heavy lifting, slouching and weight gain are all risk factors for spinal problems. Some spinal issues can be improved through physical therapy.

More severe spinal issues may require spine surgery. While spine surgery may seem quite frightening, surgery is one of the most definitive ways to rid a person or chronic and severe back pain. Many people who have undergone spine surgery Beverly Hills had a drastic decrease in pain and were able to either return to work or become more productive at work as well as decrease their dependence on pain medications. Spine surgery makes it possible for a person to live their lives with decreased pain while doing daily activities. 

You can care for your spine by staying active and avoid putting strain on your back. The best way to avoid future spine complications and spinal surgery is through prevention. Take care of your spine it is literally the backbone of your body.