How to Find a Great Orange County Tax Attorney

If you’re having tax problems with the IRS, you’re probably looking for a good tax attorney. You need someone with the expertise and knowledge to go to was with the government and represent your interest.

If you live in or around Orange County and you’re looking for an Orange County tax attorney, there’s good news. Because area is pricey and full of well-educated residents, it tends to be full of outstanding legal talent when it come to tax relief.

But it still may not be an easy process. Tax problems can be thorny and intricate, so you need to find someone whose expertise fits your situation.

How, though? It’s easy to feel lost when you go into this process, but thankfully there are some simple steps that can get you off to a good start.

Start with referrals from family and friends. You’ll likely discover that there are more people who have had tax problems than you’d think, and one of these folks may be able to help.

Then check out online reviews. This might not be as easy when it comes to solving this problem, given the nature of tax issues, but you’ll at least be able to get some high-end, quality firms that can help you with your specific issue.

This is where some extra leg work comes in. Start doing a detailed examination of what kind of tax problems the firms you find specialize in, and compare them to your situation.

Now you’re ready to do some calls and visits. This will likely be intimidating at first, but be determined to ignore your fear.

Tax attorneys are just legal representatives—the only thing that separates them from other lawyers is that they happen to have a much larger knowledge base most of the time.

But that can actually work to your advantage. Most good tax attorneys are eager to help you, and a lot of times they’re just as eager to show off that knowledge. As a result you can get a solid reading on your case and what the odds are, not to mention the likely outcome.

A good tax attorney usually won’t guarantee a win or a great result, and if a lawyer does do that it’s usually time to run in the other direction. You should also use whatever leverage with regard to pricing once you find out what your odds are.

That will show the tax attorney that you’re a strong negotiator, and as a general rule tax attorneys love to work with people who have that particular skill, provide their expectations are reasonable.

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