How SMS Can Contribute To Marketing

The reason why SMS has become such an effective marketing tool is because of the immediate results. It is estimated that an SMS will be opened and read within five minutes of receiving it. Therefore, there is a very good chance that an SMS will be read.

Here are the reasons why SMS will work for you:

Sense of urgency

The mobile device has become a necessity in our lives, whether for calls, messaging, or even as an extension of work, social media and entertainment systems. A mobile message is necessarily received urgently. And an answer is guaranteed within minutes. SMS campaigns are becoming a more powerful tool than online newsletters. Because the sender and receiver interact in real time, the results are faster and more direct. Email campaigns have their benefits, but the guerrilla effect of SMS campaigns guarantees a response.

Urgent news

An SMS-based campaign can surprise users with messages that take into account the accuracy of time. A discount off meals through SMS can be more effective if sent before lunch and a sale can win more buyers if sent after work, especially on paydays. However, SMS promotions are not only involved in creating opportunities, but they can also work in groups that need to pass on an announcement to other members.

Non-intrusive and personal

Unlike commercials or billboards where the message conveyed on a media is intended for a large target group, SMS promotions are highly personal. SMS advertising only occurs between the sender and the recipient and does not even seem to sell you anything at all. Despite the personal quality of SMS marketing, there are limits to attracting customers. When sending an initial SMS that allows clients to select promotions, subscriptions, or even discounts, an SMS campaign does not force services to the customer.

Gains loyalty

Of course, those who subscribe to or benefit from your promotion should be treated with privilege. These benefits serve as a reward system for the client’s loyalty to your product or service. The more they participate in your campaign, the greater their rewards, whether in the form of discounts, free samples, or points that can accumulate and used in the future. This way, you can engage more customers and get regular followers.

SMS promotions are cheap, quick and effective for marketing your products and services. Since many people own a mobile phone, the chances of traffic increase. The more users create traffic, the higher the chance of success. Remember that your promotion should be timely to ensure a better response.