How Plastic Surgery Can Improve Physical And Mental Health

Keeping your youthful appearance intact can be difficult thanks to factors such as age, pollution and stress. While there are lifestyle changes that can help you maintain your glow, most people are resorting to cosmetic procedures to look good. With the right procedure and quality care, you can address problem areas and look good while at it. However, when you decide to undergo a cosmetic procedure, it is advisable that you choose a professional who is licensed to practice medicine and surgery. Their experience should also be a priority for you.

Why myfacesurgeon is your best bet

Finding the best cosmetic surgeon can be a headache if you do not know where to look for one. There are many quacks masquerading as specialists, and they end up delivering botched results. Whether you are looking for someone to perform a non-invasive facelift or a nose job, you should be careful to select a professional. is the site to visit. Owned by Dr. Dagan, the practice is popular with celebrities and has been featured on various shows on Fox News, CBS as well as in magazines such as The Huffington Post.

Known for his attention to detail and many years of experience in the cosmetic surgery field, Dr. Dagan offers a wide range of surgical and non-surgical procedures. He performs facelifts, rhinoplasties, scar revision, and dimple creation among other commonly sought-after procedures. His specialty is in all areas of the head, including the neck. He not only does plastic surgery but also reconstructive surgery.

One of the things that set his practice apart is that he uses the latest technology to offer quality diagnosis, treatment, and after-care. Recently, he started using the Balloon Sinuplasty treatment for patients with sinuses as well as those looking for facial rejuvenation procedures. Some of his patients who benefit from such state-of-the-art technology also have issues with hearing and balance. As an ENT specialist, Dr. Dagan also offers regular medical services, catering to a wide patient-base in New York City.

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Whether you want to fix your nose, or you are simply looking for a solution for your wrinkles, facial surgery can be the right fix. In order to do it right, choosing an experienced surgeon is a plus. At Dr. Dagan’s practice, you can rest easy knowing that the results will be worth your time and money. To book an initial consultation do not hesitate to visit today!