5 Most Valuable Graduate Degrees

A Rewarding Career

If you choose to get a graduate nursing degree, you are going to be fully satisfied with this rewarding career and you can expect to be fully prepared to handle any of the challenges that come with this line of work. Keep in mind, there are different types of nursing degrees to choose from. Getting your education will be an enjoyable endeavor because your commitment to your future will be worth it.

Various Learning Options

There are many online learning options to choose from and several hands-on programs to get into in order to obtain a graduate nursing degree. Usually, the MSN program is going to take up to two years to fully complete. Many programs require various types of work experience in the nursing field prior to starting a nursing program. This may include previous nursing assistant employment or volunteer work in a medical setting. The associate’s or bachelor’s degrees in nursing tend to fully prepare each student to become registered nurses. The following is studied:

* chemistry

* nutrition

* pharmacology

* nursing management

When a graduate degree program is completed, a specialty will need to be chosen. It may be in research or practice. This is going to lead to more advanced roles.

Valuable Degrees: Top Five

The top five most valuable graduate degrees in nursing include the following:

1. Public Health; a nursing degree in this area will allow you to pursue various broad public health goals. This type of degree can lead a nurse to many valuable roles within a state or local level. It may include population studies, a focus on infectious diseases, disease prevention and health promotion, provide the public with useful health education. This type of degree will offer many opportunities to serve the public

2. Nurse Educator; this role is responsible for educating the new generation of nurses. This is at a clinical and classroom level. This type of role will allow you to conduct research while remaining up-to-date on all health developments and technology

3. Nursing Informatics; this role will allow a nurse to work within the technology area and nursing. This degree can lead to an MSN as a Nurse Administrator

4. APRN Master’s Degree; This degree will prepare a Registered Nurse for the advanced clinica role. Passing a certified exam in a chosen specialty field is necessary

5. Certified Nurse Midwife; CNMs are considered to be practitioners. They provide complete pre and post-natal care. They will provide some advanced care to various patient populations

Enjoying a Grand Nursing Career

When you get a graduate nursing degree, you are going to have so many opportunities in the health care field. The possibilities are endless. Once you find your specialty area in nursing, you can expect to enjoy a grand nursing career for years to come. Your future career in nursing will be filled with extraordinary moments because nurses of every kind make a big difference in this world.