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Somalia: Alshabab sentences five men for spying

MOGADISHU-Somalia based Alshabab militants have publicly executed five men, including teenagers who were accused of spying Somalia’s UN backed government to death penalty in Kuntuwarey village in lower Shabelle region in Southern Somalia.

Alshabab fighters, the Jihadist group associated with Al-Qaida judge said that men were found guilty and had committed spying Somali Federal government which the group is fighting with, according the groups’ court.

The victims-A/qadirOmar Hassan, 23 years old, A/qadir Shukri Hassan, 30 years old, Mohamed Abshir Ali, 35 years old,Ali Ahmed Sheikh Ali,30 years old and Ali Yusuf Ahmed 36 years old have been executed by a firing squad after Alshabab court convicted them based on their alleged confessions.

Written by: Mohamed Ibrahim Bulbul