Somalia: ISIS claimed killing a soldier, wounding several others in an attack in Afgoe town near Mogadshu

MOGADSIHU– ISIS fighters claimed the responsibility for deadly attack on Somali national army check-point in Afgoe district, about 30 KM away freom Mogadishu’s Somali capital.

ISIS militants said that its fighters carried out a deadly attack on Military check-point in Afgoe district near Mogadishu, saying that the raid resulted in the death of a Somali military soldier and the injury of several others, according to ISIS Website.

Meanwhile, Somalia based insurgent group of Alshabab militants took the responsibility of last night attack on the military check-point in Afgoe town, before ISIS fighters claimed it.

There were not immediate comments from Somalia’s UN backed government officials over claims made by Alshabab and ISIS militants.

Written by: Mohamed Ibrahim Bulbul