Senior Somali Journalist arrives in Mogadishu after 4 years in prison

MOGADISHU-A senior Somali journalist who has taken at least four years in jail in Ethiopia’s capital ,Addis Ababa has returned back home in Mogadishu on Sunday.

Mohamed Aweis Mudey popularly known as “Boqorka Bartamaha”,the freed Somali veteran journalist has landed on Adden Adde international airport in Mogadishu’s Somalia capital after he has been released Ethiopian government , aday ago.

Journalist, Mohamed Aweis has been executed 27 years in Ethiopia jail, in connection with Somali based Al-Qaeda insurgent of Alshabab fighters , but he has been in prison four years and he has been freed following an agreement between Somalia’s UN backed government and Ethiopia.

Mudey has been warmly welcomed by government officials, including the information minister and Mohamed Ibrahim Moalimu , NOSUJ secretary general in Mogadishu’s Adden Adde international airport.

Written by: Mohamed Ibrahim Bulbul