Alshabab fighters ambush a government troops convoy near Mogadishu.


MOGADISHU,Somalia– Several government soldiers, including a senior Somali military official  have been killed  after heavily armed Alshabab militants attacked a Somali National Army convoy who were traveling near Bal’ad district ,about 30 KM away fron North of Mogadioshu’s Somali capital.

Speaking to Danan Nrews a loacal resident who asked not be named for security issues stated that huge fighting erupted near Bal’ad town in middle Shabelle region after Alshabab fighters who hide-out in the town ambushed government troops ,resulting in the death of several SNA soldiers ,including Mohamed Rage , a top military official.

Alshabab ,the Al-Qaeda affiliated  insurgent group in Somalia claimed the responsibility for the attack ,saying that its fighters carried out the attack,adding that they have killed several government soldiers and seized a vehicle belonging to SNA.

Alshabab  militants rump up its ambush attacks against Somali government troops and AMISOM forces near Mogadishu and Bal’ad district.

Written by: Mohamed Ibrahim Bulbul