Somalia: Former deputy Alshabab commander with delegates land in Hudur Airport


MOGADISHU, Somalia-A former spokesman and deputy leader of Somalia’s based Al-Qaida associated jihadist group of Alshabab militants, Sheikh Muqtar Robow , along with government dignitaries arrived on Wednesday morning in Hudur district , in Bakool province in Southern Somalia, officials.

Somalia’s south western regional administration officials and its local residents welcomed the arrival of Abu-Mansoor with government officials including former defense minister, Abdirishid Abdullahi Mohamed who resigned on October 12 and other dignitaries.

A local prominent Somali elder, Ibrahim Bule Hassan stated to Danan News, speaking over the phone that Abu-Mansor with the Federal government officials have been heartily welcomed in Hudur district in southern Somalia.

The reasons behind the arrival of former Alshabab deputy commander, who surrendered to the federal government in the past months, Abu-Mansoor yet remained undisclosed.

Written by: Mohamed Ibrahim Bulbul