Somalia:Unarmed civilians killed in an airstrike in lower Shabelle region


MOGADISHU, Somali-At least five people, who were unarmed innocents, were killed in a deadly bombardment which carried out by unidentified war-planes in Awdhegle settlement in lower Shabelle province, in Southern Somalia.

A prominent Somali elder, Sheikh Ali told to Danan News speaking over the phone that five innocent people who were farmers were killed in a last Sunday’s night in Awdheg e town, which is about 40 KM away from the city of country ,Mogadishu.

“Ahmed A/kadir, a father of four children, Ibrahim Siad , who is a father of 3 children and Hassan Mayow, father of two children were among killed innocent people In Awdhegle,” according to the elder.

Sheikh Ali noted that the killed civilians were not Alshabab fighters who hideout in the area and he blamed US forces for carrying out this attack which resulted the death of civilians.

Written by: Mohamed Ibrahim Bulbul