Somali government claims killing of 81 Alshabab Fighters in Airstrikes in Southern Province

MOGADISHU,-Somalia’s Western backed government has on Saturday stated that successful operation which has been killed nearly 81 of Jihadist group Alshabab militants occurred in Jilib district , a stronghold of Al-Qaeda linked fighters in Middle Jubba region ,Southern Somalia.

The information Minister, Abdirahman Omar Osman said early Saturday that Somali Security forces conducted an especial operation against Alshabab controlled town of Jilib in middle Jubba region.

“Our Security troops carried out a planned attack which was aimed at to eradicate Alshabab fighters in its remained territories, they killed 81 Alshabab miltants and vandalized its camps in Jilib district where the terrorists were regrouping to launch attacks against Somali government and its community, “according to Information Minister.

He added that Somali National Army destroyed vehicles and heavy Weapons belonged by Alshabab members.

Alshabab, the Islamist group in Somalia refuted the claims of the government.

“it is baseless News , what the government claimed,Jilib is one of safestplace in the country which is under conrol of  Islmist group,” Said Alshabab Radio Andalus.

The Jihadist group of Alshabab which ties to Al-Qaeda is engaged in a bloody war with Somalia ‘s UN supported government troops  and AMISOM forces.In the recent weeks Alshabab has lost strategic locations in Southern Somalia.

Written by: Mohamed Ibrahim Bulbul