Deadly Bombardment targeted Alshabab held town in Middle Shabelle region, Somalia

MOGADISHU, Somalia-Deadly airstrikes carried out by war-planes, thought to be US war-drones targeted Alshabab controlled town of Basra in Middle Shabelle province in Southern Somalia, Danan reported.

A local resident who asked to remain anonymity for security reason stated to Danan News that unidentified war planes, but suspected to be US Military drones conducted deadly airstrikes in recently recaptured Alshabab town of Basra, which situates in western of Somalia’s Middle Shabelle province

The resident added that there were heavy casualties which suffered by Alshababa militants, the Al-Qaida Associated group based in Somalia.

Alshabab militants did not comment this bombardment, carried out by suspected US war planes.

Samali National Army, along with AMISOM peacekeeping forces supported by US war drones carry out attacks and airstrikes against Alshabab controlled towns in Southern Somalia and across the country.

Written by: Mohamed Ibrahim Bulbul