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EFASOM Today Completed In Mogadishu Discussing about The Education Of Somalia

The Somali coalition for education for all (EFASOM) today concluded a 2-day Forum on Education in Emergencies during 8-9 November 2017. The participants were members of OIC (Organization of Islamic Cooperation), specially, 25 high delegates from NGOs working on education in emergency, and the Ministry of Education. NGOs include: Munazzamat al-Dawa al-Islaamiyya, Mercy Corps, SAACID, Tamkin, Human Appeal, Sadaaqa Charity, WAMY, Peace Line, PASOS, WARDI, IRADO, WARD, ARAHA, Rayaan Foundation, Ma’ani Vocational Training Center, Direct Aid, Hamdi Foundation, and other humanitarian agencies.

The purpose of this forum was to discuss methods and strategies by the national/international NGOs, civil society and the Ministry of Education to help children affected by humanitarian crises to have access to and learn in safe, quality and accredited primary and secondary education; to learn life-saving and life-sustaining skills and gain increased personal resilience.

The forum was officially opened by the Ministry of Education delegates. In her remarks, Ms. Khadija Abdullahi, the Director of the Planning and Budgeting Department of the Ministry of Education said, it is important the education partners to submit their annual plans and implementation levels to the Ministry of Education.

Ms. Khadra Yasin, the Director of the Education in Emergencies Department of the MOE stated that it is time we unite to ensure quality education for displaced children.

Participants discussed the status of country emergency situation, and the role of national/international NGOs, civil society, the Ministry of Education in helping prevent, reduce, mitigate and respond to emergency-related academic, financial, social, institutional, physical and infrastructural barriers to children’s education, while ensuring the provision of safe, inclusive and quality education
Some organizations including Mercy Corps, Hamdi Organization, Wardi, WARD, SAACID, Araha and Himilo – Fog have succeeded in providing the following support:-

•2, 878 students have received education free of charge (Kindergarten to secondary school)
•The fees of 5,500 students returnees have been covered and were provided with education materials
• 29 schools have been constructed and some were rehabilitated
These organizations have pointed out:-
-21 schools are receiving feeding program and is being continued
-26 schools will be restarted.

-The school fees of 17,785 students returnees will be paid and educational materials will be provided
The organizations including Peace Line, IRADO, Rayan Foundation, Ma’ani Vocational Training Centre, Direct Aid have presented educational assistance rendered to Somali children:-

– 1, 750 students in the South and Central Somalia have been provided with mine risk education by Peace Line Organization
-250 students have received formal education, 300 orphan students were supported, IRADO assists 1000 students with education, 400 orphan children are assisted by Rayan Foundation

– Direct Aid organization have constructed Primary, Intermediate and Secondary schools
-WAMY assists many students with education such as 1, 746 in Mogadishu, 821 students in Beletweyne, 2, 693 students in Bosaso, 324 students in Baidoa.

-Munazamat Al- DawaIslamiya organization supports 500 students in Hargeisa, 250 in Borama, 125 in Gedo, 400 in Banadir , 300 in Banadir, 360 in Banadir , 280 in Bosaso, a total of 2, 355 students.

These organizations have also indicted that:-
-The ongoing activities will be completed by the next forthcoming year
-Sponsorships will be provided to the orphaned children by the October 14 bomb disaster and their families will be assisted
-The quality of education will be further improved.

-Lobbying efforts will be made for the students graduating from secondary schools to get scholarships for higher education.

-Students will be taught with cultural livelihood with Peace Education
-The teachers will empowered with capacity building trainings
-The Parents will be given a role in the school management
-School Committee will be provided with training
-The IDP will be trained with health programs .

The Director of the Public Relation of the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs, Mr. AbdirashidAbdullahi Heydar has.officially closed the forum.