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EFASOM Baydhaba forum

RADIO DANAN:- The Somali coalition for Education for All (EFASOM) today concluded a 2-day education forum on sustainable child development (particularly street children and child labor) in Baidoa city of South-West State of Somalia during the period between 6 and 7 November 2017.
The purpose of this forum was to raise awareness of the civil society and the Government to improve living condition and education levels for street children and child labor.

The forum was officially opened by the Vice Minister of the Ministry of Education of the State, Mr. JibrilMohamud Adan. In his remarks, Mr. Jibril firstly thanked the participants for attending the forum. The Minister also thanked EFASOM for their support to education advocacy in the State. He urged the people to support street children and children at work in Baidoa city.

The facilitator deeply explained current situation of children at streets and at works. Their living condition is poor. They sleep on the pavement and go to scavenge food at litter points. Some of these children are addicted to drugs. Escaping poverty of their families, these are the current situation of children aged 8 – 18 years old in Baidoa city.

EFASOM further explained the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child, Article 28: It says:
Education: The child has the right to education; the State has a duty to make primary education compulsory and
free to all; to take measures to develop different forms of secondary education and to make this accessible to all children. School discipline should be administered in a manner consistent with the
child’s human dignity.

During the forum, the participants were divided into two groups working on ways to mitigate risks against children.

Finally, EFASOM urged the people to rescue these streetchildren and those working before their age in the 21st century.