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Somalia:Security forces end up Alshabab hotel Attack in Mogadishu,death toll hits 25

MOGADISHU, Somalia, (Danan News)- Alshabab fighters, the AlQaida affiliated group based in Somalia have claimed the responsibility for Mogadishu’s deadly hotel attack after powerful explosions targeted Nasahablod hotel frequented by government officials, situates near Somali presidential palace in the central of Mogadishu, the capital city of the country.

Reports indicate that at least 26 people, including Madobe Nunow,the interior minister of southwestern regional administration , Abdinasir Mohamed,a former government minister ,Mohamed Hassan Aden who served as minister and lawmaker and several others of current government officials have been killed during in the overnight deadly hotel attack in Mogadishu while 45 others confirmed injured. Death toll may rise.

Abdul-Aziz Haldhiban. The spokesman of the state security ministry told to journalists at the scene that Somali security troops ended up Alshabab siege on Nasa-Hablod hotel, adding that the security forces captured three Alshabab attackers.
“The attackers were five Alshabab fighters, our security troops a achieved to hand 3 of the attackers, while two others blew themselves up inside the hotel”, according to security spokesman.

An eyewitness confirmed Danan News that the dead bodies of a mother and 3 kids were found inside the hotel
“dead bodies of a mother and her three children who were all shot on the upper parts parts of their body were fouynd inside the hotel, “said an observer requested not to be named.

Alshabab fighters claimed that is fighters killed 50, saying they were government officials as its pro-Website establishing.
This deadly attack comes as Somali president; Mohamed Abdullahi Farmajo two weeks ago declared a new war against Alshabab controlled towns in southern Somalia and across the country.

Written by :Mohamed Ibrahim Bulbul