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Somalia:Roadside bomb kills over 10 near Bal’ad, middle Shabelle region

MGOAGISHU,Somalia –Over ten people have been killed and several others have been wounded after deadly roadside bomb explosion targeted a civilian vehicle carrying vegetables and civilians on Sunday morning in Daniga village near Bal’ad district in Middle Shabelle region in Southern Somalia, officials confirmed .

Sources confirmed that the landmine explosion planted the roadside hit a civilian vehicle from Agoe district, lower Shabelle region and was heading to Bal’ad district, Middle Shabelle province, resulting deaths over ten people who were on board said to be farmers.

A resident who requested not to be identified said that over 10 people, civilians dead and several others injured when they were targeted ,the roadside bomb explosion.

“Over ten people who were farmers have been killed, including 5 women on board and others wounded in an deadly explosion in Daniga village ,in outskirts of Bal’ad district in mMiddle Shabelle province in Southern Somalia”, resident said, adding that some wounded victims have been rushed to the nearby Hospitals.

No group has immediately claimed the responsibility for the deadly roadside bomb attack, but Somali government authorities blamed Alshabab fighters for carrying this attack.

Alshabab fighter, the Al-Qaida affiliated group who carry out frequent attacks and roadside bombings against Somali government and AMISOM peacekeeping forces did comment on this attack so far.

Written by: Mohamed Ibrahim Bulbul