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Gun battle between Alshabab & troops loyal Abumansor hits in Hudur

HUDOR,(DBN NEWS)- Hugely armed troops loyal to former Alshabab deputy leader and spokesman,Sheik Mukhtar Robow popularly known as Abumansoor ,a long with Somali National Army have launched over night attack against on Somalia’s Al-Qaida affiliated Alshabab insurgents base near in Hudur district ,Bakool region in southern Somalia. Danan reports.

Officials from Somalia’s Southwestern administration have confirmed to radio Danan that heavily armed forces, loyal to former Alshabab commander,Abu-Mansoor Roobow backing by Somali government troops attacked on Alshabab Military base in Seyniilow village, which some 45KM South east of Hudur district,in Bakool province in southern Somalia.

A South western regional state lawmaker.Bashir Ibrahim Adam told to radio Danan speaking over the phone that there are massive number of Alshabab casualties.

Alshabab fighters, the Somalia’s based Al-Qaida allied group who carry out frequent attacks against on government and AMISOM troops did not comment on this battle which government officials confirmed to us that it resulted casualties of Alshabab militants.

Written by: Mohamed Ibrahim Bulbul

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