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Somalia:US forces conduct airstrikes in Alshabab held territories

MOAGDOSHU,(Danan FM)- US drones carried out over night airstrikes which targeted in Al-qaida affiliated group of  Alshabab controlled towns in lower Shabelle region in southern Somalia,officials confirmed to radio Danan on Tuesday morning.

A Somali National army official who is in lower Shabelle province requested not to be identified told  and confirmed to Danan FM over the phone that heavy bombardments conducted by US war drones targeted in Alshabab occupied towns in lower shabelle region,the agriculture rich province in southern Somalia.

“US especial forces conducted targeted airstrikes on Tuesday night against Alshabab fighters, the Alqaida linked group who were in  Mubarag and Tugarey villages in lower Shabelle region,adding that there are heavy  Alshabab causalities in the towns which bombed by US drones”,according to Somalia military official who asked not be named.

Alshabab militantas did not comment on overnight deadly airstrikes which said to be conducted by US troops in lower Shabelle region, targeting Alshabab fighters in Southern Somalia.

Written by :Mohamed Ibrahim Bulbul


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