EFASOM started a 2-day Teacher Education Policy Forum.  

About 35 participants from the Ministry of Education, education umbrellas, a teacher union, teachers, parents, and other education stakeholders attended.


The purpose of the forum was:

1. To review national teacher education policy particularly: Teacher recruitment and selection, Teacher code of conduct, Teacher performance review in classes

2. To raise awareness of importance of teachers in quality education

– To advocate increase of quantity of teachers and

– To improve quality of both pre-service and in-service teacher trainings


Ali Abdulahi Afgoye, the Director of the MOE has officially opened the forum. He stated that teacher quality improvement takes three steps. Firstly teachers earn qualification of teaching. Secondly teachers acquire teaching skills and experiences. Thirdly teachers have attitudes in respect of teacher code of conduct.


The Chairperson of EFASOM Mr. Mohamud Abdi stated that teachers are the single most influential and powerful force for equity, access and quality in education


The Board Member of EFASOM Mrs. Nuurta M. Addow took the floor and indicated that the quality teachers are the key to sustainable global development and

their training, recruitment, retention, status and working conditions

are among EFASOM’s top priorities.


The Head Unit of Teachers Dept of the Somali National University Ms. Suldano Muse Addow stated that teacher training is one of the university’s top priority. The university now completed the 17th session of teacher training and produced more that 3000 teachers, both pre-service and in-service teacher training.


During Day 1, the participants were divided into three groups. Each group shared a responsibility to review some sections of the teacher policy.


The key agenda for the Second Day of the Forum was:-


1. Continuation of group discussion, debating and reviewing of the key agenda points from Day One of the Forum; which were:-

· The selection criteria of the teacher

· Teachers Education Policy

· Teachers Code of Conduct


2. Presentation on of the major findings of the key agenda of the Forum


During the second day of the Forum, the participants have specifically analyzed, discussed, debated and reviewed the teachers education policy issues.

The participants consisting of experts in the education field divided into three groups have effectively made necessary reading, spell checking, modifications where necessary on the key agenda relating with the draft Teachers Education Policy documents, specially looking into the three main sectors regarding on the selection criteria of the teacher, Teacher education policy and teachers conduct.

At the end of the review sessions, each of the three groups have made their respective presentations on the selection criteria of the teacher, recruitment process, supervision, performance of the teachers and all other key points which the teacher education policy is consisting of.


3. Conclusion remarks of the Forum


In his closing remarks, Mr. Abdullahi Osman Omar – Shakespeare, Director of the Teachers Training Department of the Ministry of Education has appreciated all the participants for their time in reviewing and contributing to the finalization of the draft documents on the Teachers Education Policy.

Furthermore, Adam Mohamed, the National Coordinator of EFASOM has thanked the participant for attending the Forum and pointed out that finalizing the draft teachers education policy document is essential and will eventually lead to acquiring better quality teacher which is key for achieving quality education for all the Somali children.


Mr. Adam requested the Teachers Training Department of the Ministry of Education to make investment in strengthening the capacity of the teachers to achieve quality education for the Somali children and community.

In conclusion, Ms. Khadija Hussein and Mr. Abdiaziz from the Ministry of Education speaking on behalf of the participants have expressed appreciation to EFASOM for the opportunity of conducting the Forum for revising the teachers education policy document.


They have pointed out that it’s important to increase the efforts towards making further improvement in the teachers education policy and conducting similar events promoting the teaches training programs.