Senior Alshabab militant surrenders to Somali government forces

Mogadishu,Somalia –Danan-FM- Senior Alshabab,the Alqaidda linked group commander has surrendered to Somali National Army (SNA) in Garbaharay district ,the capital city of Gedo region, government officials confirmed to radio Danan.

Guhad Mohamud, Somali national Army commander in the area, Gedo province confirmed to Radio Danan speaking over the phone that an Alshabab fighter has surrendered to Somali government forces in Gede region on Tuesday moring, adding that the serrundered Alshabab militant had taken part attacks against Somali government troops in Gedo region.

The surrendered of Alshabab jihadists’ commander has been identified as Adam popularly known as “Abu Mujahid” in Alshabab controlled territories in Gedo region, in Southern Somalia.
Alshabab fighters, the AlQaida allied group which based in Somalia country are facing huge lose of its top commanders in the last months.

Written by : Mohamed Ibrahim