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Somalia: Car bomb explosion rocked in Mogadishu,Somalia Capital

MOGADISHU,Somalia- At least four people were wounded in car bomb explosion in Mogadishu,Somalia capital,resulting no deaths on Saturday afternoon, officials.

The explosion was a car packed with explosives which has been parked in Mogadishu’s the busiest road ,Maka-almuarama ,especially the in front of Mubarak hotel which frequented by government officials and ordinary people.

Qasim Ahmed Roble, Somali Police forces spokesman said that the Somali government forces have thwarted the car bomb explosion.
An eyewitness who requested not to be identified told to Radio Danan, that The car bomb explosion vandalized all nearby buildings, adding that he has seen two wounded people.

According to, QasimAmed ,The police government spokesman said four people were wounded in the explosion,adding that two of injured people were Somali Police soldiers and two others were ordinary people.

No group has claimed the responsibility for car bomb explosion and it was not immediately clearwho the target of the attack was or who carried out ,but the Al-Qaida allied group, Alshabab fighters carry out similar attacks in past.

Written by: Mohamed Ibrahim Bulbul