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Know, Why is Mogadishu peace nowdays?

Radio Danan: Over one thousands soldiers have been estimated the number of Somalia Parliaments body guards, house of people and upper house according to current law of the cabinet,
Every dignitary or government official is allowed to have only four body guards but more not be allowed though they are not even registered.

In past years before the election of Somalia President Mohamed Abdullahi Farmaajo the situation that was every law maker or government authorities can have nearly Ten and more than body guards and to with heavy weapons and machine guns even most of the body guards and their guns were not registered by Somalia government.

Now most of Somali Parliament MPS are absent from Mogadishu, the country’s Capital for holydays,
Somalia Government led by Mohammed Abdullahi Farmajo announced Mogadishu stabilization forces which are aimed at to disarm the armed militia men and to arrest any one who has unregistered.
We asked Horn of African political analyst, Omar Ahmed “What caused the stabilization of the Somali Capital, Mogadishu?.

The Analyst told to Radio Danan Mogadishu based Media that current Mogadishu stabilization caused by the absence of most parliament for on holy day from the capital city of Mogadishu.
“Now Mogadishu is safety, peace and stability place because of the most of the parliaments are not on the City, they are on holyday and it’s absence have made Mogadishu rest, but it’s coming back will bring problems and insecurity actions because they will come up with incredible number of body guards who are not mostly registered”. Said by Omar Ahmed, political Analyst.

The current number of the two houses of the Somali Parliament, house of the people and upper house are three hundred twenty seven (330) members, Fifty Four of this number are Somali Senators and others are house of the people lawmakers.
Each one of the parliaments is allowed four staff, according to law of cabinet.

We asked Omar Ahmed, the Horn of Africa political analyst “will the parliaments obey for the law of the capinet”?.

“they will not obey the law of cabinet, they will come up with irrational number of body guards who are mostly not registered and trained by the current government”
Abdullahi Sheikh Siraji was a Somalia politician served as the Minister of public works and reconstructions was shot died by one of auditor general’s guards in Mogadishu in this year with unregister gun.

According to, analyst “ the lawmakers will not allow four body guards, they will bring emotions against the government”.

Adding clashes between the parliament staff and Mogadishu stabilization forces possible to happen and the coming back of the parliament will create conflicts, according to the analyst.

Prepared by: Abdirashid Mohamed Abuukar (Alifow) &
Edited by: Mohamed Ibrahim Bulbul
E-mail: Alifoow5@gmail.com