Somalia:NISA chief accuses Mogadishu based Medias to release baseless News


MOGADISHU-Danan-FM- the chief of National intelligence security Agence (NISA), C/lahi Mohamed Ali popularly known as Sanbalolshe talked over media released News .
The chief refuted that fighting between two groups with in government troops occurred yesterday in Mogadishu’s Kaaran district which Mogadishu based medias released on Friday.
“ The fighting was not between two group with in government forces but it was Mogadishu Stabilization Forces and armed militiamen who wanted to upset and harm internal displaced people “ .Adding that the militiamen were hooligans “.
C/lahi Mohamed Sanbaloshe accused some of Mogadishu stationed medias that they release baseless News

Written by:Mohamed Ibrahim Bulbul