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Subject: Urgent appeal for the droughts and conflict affected people in Lower Shabelle region,Somalia

Dear all,

We Lower Shabelle Community Civili Rights Council hereby share our concern

regarding the alarming humanitarian conditions in Lower Shabelle

region.Humanitarian conditions in Lower Shabelle region are worsening day after day from Sablale district to Afgoye with the worse places include Marka,Qorioley,Kurtunwarey and Barawe.The humanitarian conditions includes of two phases:

A) Agropastoral communities affected by droughts
B) Agriculture/Small holder farmers affected by the droughts
All agropastoralists converged along Shabelle basin betweenKurtunwarey upto

Afgoye close to the banks of the river which has alsorun dry.These people are only

people in Lower Shabelle region but theyare IDPs migrated from other regions like Bay and Bakol and beyond.

Asa result of the droughts,livestock prices sharply fell due to the emanciation of animal body and access constraints.Sharp fall of prices of livestock also resulted to

the rise of cereals as some of pastoralists began providing cereals as a last resort to

feed their herds.As result of the converegence of pastorlists along the basins of Lower Shabelle region,conflicts and fighitngs as result of competion on meager resources began.There are blockades of Alshabaab on all districts and this is a further burden to the communities that even there are no access to
humanitarian organizations to provide food and other assistance to those who are suffering.

Already smallholder farmers began displacing as there no crops standing and their
savings run out and agropoastoralists would follow suit.When we contacted NGOs

and local people,Local NGOs and People complain about access constraints of aid and also restrictions on how aid is delivered particularly with the UN agencies

introduced stricter procedures i.e. biometrics,GPS,phone call verification of the

beneficiaries,electronic cash voucher which all are not applicable to the hostile

environment of Somalia and which puts risk both NGO partners and the local

beneficiaries and thus resulting aid provision constraints.We Lower Shabelle Civil

rights council,hereby raise our concern and appeal on the top of our voice to request the provision of unconditional aid service delivery to prevent mass

community displacement in agropastoral and agricultural places in Lower Shabelle

region which may otherwise generate long term effects that IDPs once displaced

they would never return back which will have direct affects on food production in the long run like those who displaced in 2011 famine never returned back and

adopted themselves to urban areas in Mogadishu and eslewhere setting up

slums.We Lower Shabelle Community Civil rights council are based in Lower

Shabelle region and we are grassroots movements for the plights of our people,

therefore if there is any wilingess to address general problems in Lower Shabelle

and Somalia,there should be adequate food provisions to pacify and stabilize

market uncertainties and respond to food insecurity and the objective of such food

provision is to fill the vacuum of local produce which has not been available as a

result of the the consecutive droughts. There also be urgent action to open all

corridors and raods between the towns and dsitricts and to lift the blockade of Alshabaab on towns.

Please we recommend that corridors of aid should be opened and lift blockade imposed by Alshabaab with provision of unconditional and urgent aid to save lives and response should be made before full exodus of displacement.

Any aid politization avoiding prioritation of certain regions over the others despite

the problems of Lower Shabelle are the most terrible would only worsen the

humanitarian condition.We also strongly warn that Lower Shabelle aid should not

and never be delivered through NGOs who have participated and who are still

involved in Lower Shabelle armed clan conflicts as there are NGOs whose offices

are still mounted guns and killing people in Marka,Lower Shabelle as this would

further contribute violence and displacement.

Please involve local communities to participate discussions on way forward for the

response of emergencies. We look forward to your urgent urgent action to respond to the unfolding crisis.

Best regards,