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Somalia: Bar-Kulan Reporter recovers in Hospital, after surviving Assassination‏

Somalia: Bar-Kulan Reporter recovers in Hospital, after surviving
Assassination attempt

Mogadishu, June 10, 2012

The National Union of Somali Journalists (NUSOJ), is relieved the
recovery of Bar-Kulan Radio reporter and one of its member journalists
in Benadir branch after he survived an assassination attempt on Friday
evening June 8, 2012 in Mogadishu’s Hamar-jajab neighborhood.

Two unknown assailants armed with pistols shot Mohamed Noor Mohamed
better than as Mohamed Sharif twice below the heart which penetrated
the back and the stomach on Friday evening June 8, 2012 around 7:30pm
local time near Horn Cable Television office in Hamarjajab
neighborhood as he was returning from work. The attackers fled the
area immediately, according to witnesses.

Two journalists helped rush the wounded journalist to Madina Hospital,
where he went under a successful surgery.

Union officials and member journalists came together to help in the
recovery and treatment of Mohamed providing life-saving blood
transfusion, he is now recovering in hospital having undergone
surgery. On Saturday, he was transferred to AMISOM Hospital where he
is recovering.

The National Union of Somali Journalists (NUSOJ) condemned the
incident in the strongest terms possible and called for the
Transitional Federal Government to urgently probe the incident and
bring the criminals to justice. The NUSOJ has been actively engaged in
helping its member journalists at difficult times.

“It was unfortunate incident that happens to our members every time
and we must say we are lucky enough, our colleague survived from the
assassination attempt,” Abdirashid Abdulle Abikar, NUSOJ Treasurer and
Press Freedom Coordinator and a veteran AFP Photographer who was
leading the group of the member journalists told the news media in a
press conference in Mogadishu on Saturday, “We hope our colleague a
speedy recovery and urge the Transitional Federal Government to carry
out urgent investigations into the incident and along other murders.”

Radio Bar Kulan, which is an UN-funded radio station and one of the
leading radio stations in Somalia with its journalists paid on the
best standards in line with the international standards of employment
besides their membership to the union, also condemned the incident in
a statement released by the station.

“We at Radio Bar Kulan believe in peace for all Somalis. We are all
appalled by this evil attack on one of our professional and most
esteemed colleagues. Mohamed was a fearless journalist and we are not
cowed. We are doing everything we can to help him and his family
during this difficult time,” Salah Osman Dirye, the senior news editor
of Radio Bar Kulan, said “The world cannot ignore the campaign of
assassinations that is being launched against Somali journalists. A
vibrant media is the lifeblood of a strong and stable country, and
must be protected.”

The radio station was respected for its brave editorial line in
highlighting the violent and tyrannical rule of the foreign-backed

So far this year six journalists and media workers were killed in
Somalia in five months making one of the deadliest places for
journalists and media workers to operate. <END>

Photo caption: Abdirashid Abdulle Abikar (Deyl), Union treasurer and
press freedom coordinator (left), journalists and family members
transfer the journalist from Madina Hospital where he went under a
surgery to AMISOM Hospital in Halane on Saturday. Photo Credit: NUSOJ


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