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Somalia eyes for Oil Production by 2020


Somali federal government is apportioning to start new schemes on assessing and producing oil with in sex years following years of turmoil and devastating civil war. The horn of African nation has its own ambition to execute the scheduled process. ...

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Acute water shortage hits Gal-gaduud region


Residents in villages in Galgadud region of central Somalia have been experiencing acute Food and water shortages in the last two months and the humanitarian situation could be desperate, residents in the area say. “Water scarcity was deteriorating, people in ...

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KDF kills Five Al-shabaab Suspects


At least five Al-Qaeda linked groups have been killed in Kenya-Ethiopia border. The deceased militants were planning to carry out onslaughts against Kenyan soldiers in the border security officials verify. Kenyan forces stated that they intercepted a Toyota car with ...

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