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Australian Somalis fear end of small money transfers


Millions of migrants in Australia are hoping for a last minute reprieve from Westpac Bank to prevent the closure of its small money transfer services. Millions of migrants in Australia are hoping for a last minute reprieve from Westpac Bank ...

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Kenyan Bus Attack by Suspected Militants Kills 28 People


Suspected al-Qaeda-linked gunmen attacked a bus in northeastern Kenya, killing 28 people after separating non-Muslim and Muslim passengers, a government official said. The Nairobi-bound bus was attacked this morning while traveling between the towns of Mandera and Bulla Arabia, about ...

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Civil society bodies express deepening concern over political rifts

Members of the Somali parliament fight after majority voted against the Speaker of the Parliament Sharif Hassan Sheikh Aden in southern Mogadishu

MOGADISHU—-Somalia’s civil society groups have expressed serious concern over the prevailing political turmoil in the country with the government of embattled Prime Minister Abdiweli Sheikh Ahmed locked in a showdown with the president. Mohamud Hassan, the deputy chair for Sahan ...

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Extorting public transport: Somali troops erect checkpoints in capital


MOGADISHU—Stopping vehicles, ransacking their belongings, soldiers have manned new checkpoints in the Somali capital, forcing public vehicle drivers to pay excessive amount of money. ] Feeling helpless, drivers have expressed alarmat the rate of the new trend, and urged authorities ...

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After regional president elected, rival admin vows a major war


MOGADISHU—-Just few hours after elders elected a president for a regional administration called  Three States Admin in Baidoa on Monday, a rival administration in the neighboring Lower Shabelle region vowed it would wage war against the new admin. Sharif Hassan ...

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US not attending: Somali president jets off to Copenhagen


MOGADISHU—-Even though the United States declared it would not attend the New Deal summit in the Danish capital Copenhagen this week in protest of the political crisis in the country, Somalia’ president flew to attend that meeting on Monday. With ...

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