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Somali army gun down attacker of Police officer,

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Somali army gun down armed person who was involved in the killing of the police officer around Ministry of Defense forces. The killer was armed with Pistol and used motor bike to escape after killing the officers and was traced ...

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Blast hit Bosasa town.


Recently there was blast of Vehicle fitted with explosives has detonated in the town of Bosasao, The main target of the blast was to assassinate the police commissioner of Bari region Col Abdirahman Muslim who was targeted. So far it’s ...

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Mayor visited Victims of the blast.


Mayor of Mogadishu and the Governor HE, Hassan Mohanmed Hussein who was addressing the press said that they have arrested suspect as result of blasts that have hit in Garage based in Hodan District. The mayor said that the vehicle ...

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Blast hit the City of Mogadishu,

Confirmed reports say that 3 people have died as result of blast that took place in Hodan District of Mogadishu. The 3 of the decease were women who were involved in cleaning exercises along the streets of the Hodan district. ...

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